Life With Type 2 Stories


Using My Passion for Health and Wellness to Adjust to Life With Type 2 Diabetes

Learn about Ria’s story and how her passion for health and wellness helped her adjust to life with type 2 diabetes. LEARN MORE

What I Learned About Health Insurance + Type 2 Diabetes

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes means learning how health insurance can impact you. Mark shares his experience in navigating health insurance to manage his diabetes. LEARN MORE

What I Learned From Managing T2D While Pregnant

Wonder what it could be like to manage type 2 diabetes while pregnant? Read Erin’s story about having a smooth pregnancy. LEARN MORE

“Not just another diabetes patient. This is My Life”

You’re more than just a diabetes patient. Read Leijsa’s story on how she advocated for herself to get proper diabetes care. LEARN MORE

“We Need More Peer Support Groups for T2Ds in Canada” 

Feeling alone with type 2 diabetes? You’re not alone, but there is a need for more peer support for people with diabetes. A community member shares why LEARN MORE

HCP’s Perspective on Diabetes Success: Learn to Celebrate the Small Wins

Quisha Umemba RN, CDCES, CHWI shares thoughts on how success w/ type 2 diabetes is more than about A1C and how to celebrate the small wins. LEARN MORE

Yoga for People with Diabetes

Interested in yoga? Then this piece is for you. Lauren Bongiorno shares how yoga helped her manage diabetes, including helping her become more mindful about her food choices and practice discipline. LEARN MORE

Getting Therapy as a Man with Diabetes: “Our pride gets the best of us.”

Asking for help is never easy—especially for a man in today’s world where mental health is often overlooked. Here, Keith shares why asking for help was worth it.LEARN MORE

How Therapy Helped Me After My Diabetes Misdiagnosis

For T’ara Smith, the tools she learned in therapy to manage negative thoughts helped her weather big life transitions—and a misdiagnosis of type 2 diabetes.LEARN MORE

Six Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easy

Taylor Riggs, registered dietician and food enthusiast, has just published her cookbook Real Food, Real Simple. In addition to dozens of scrumptious paleo-friendly and gluten-free recipes, she has som...LEARN MORE

Serena’s Story: 5-Year Misdiagnosis + Living With Diabetic Retinopathy

After being misdiagnosed with type 1, Serena went blind with diabetic retinopathy. Read her inspiring story!LEARN MORE

Life with Diabetes Complications: I Wish I’d Known This Would Happen

For years, Fabian didn’t have the resources or tools to manage his type 2 diabetes. Now, he’s navigating life with complications.LEARN MORE

I Wish People with T1D Understood THIS About Type 2 Diabetes

Let's fight the stigma around Type 2 diabetes and advocate for all people living with the chronic illness. LEARN MORE

I Accidentally Took 18 Units of the Wrong Insulin

Jean Flunker shares how she accidentally took the wrong insulin and her thoughts on insulin stigma in Type 2 diabetes. LEARN MORE

Diabetes Education Helped This Marine Vet Reach His Type 2 Goals

Former Marine Vet Garrett Reynolds was in disbelief about his type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Through education, he achieved his diabetes goals.LEARN MORE

Laurie Hernandez: Type 2 Diabetes is a Team Sport

U.S. Gold Medalist, Laurie Hernandez chats with Beyond Type 2 about supporting her father's journey with type 2 diabetes and why T2D is a team sport.LEARN MORE

How This Foodie Changed Her Diet After Being Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Chanel loves trying new foods and celebrating the classics. Here’s how she changed her diet to help manage her type 2 diabetes.LEARN MORE

Losing Weight with Type 2 Diabetes: “You cannot hate yourself to wellness.”

Mary Van Doorn shares her weight loss journey over 20+ years with type 2 diabetes while facing the biggest obstacle—her emotional wellness.LEARN MORE

Sugar in Action, a diabetes runner’s life experience

Edgar Garcia became one of the most important T2D influencers in Latin America after his diagnosis. This is his story. LEARN MORE

A Type 2 Titan

Ross Cooper has been living with type 2 diabetes since 1996. Since he's been diagnosed, he's been a beast in the gym. Read how why he's a type 2 Titan.LEARN MORE

Staying Ready with Nasal Glucagon

T2D Mark Hanlon discussed his experiences with hypoglycemia and how he is staying ready with Baqsimi to prepare for future emergencies. LEARN MORE

No Shame in Using Insulin

Insulin stigma in T2D care is real and causes people with type 2 to feel like they're failing at managing it. Joseph Martin shares why that doesn't have to be the case. LEARN MORE

Using Small Changes to Overcome Prediabetes

Karen Morrow was told she had prediabetes in 2017. After her diagnosis, she made small changes to her diet and exercise regimen to help her overcome prediabetes.LEARN MORE

A Different Kind of Happiness: Defining My Own Success with Type 2 Diabetes

Living a happy life with type 2 diabetes, beyond A1C, looks different for everyone. Bill Santos shares what successful management looks like for him. LEARN MORE

“My doctor refused to put me on insulin for Type 2 diabetes, so I got a new doctor.”

Before Kate Cornell was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2005 at 50 years old, she had no idea anything was wrong. Today, she uses both metformin and insulin to manage her blood sugars.LEARN MORE