Expanded CGM Coverage Available for New Brunswickers 


On November 8, 2023, the provincial government of Moncton, Canada, announced an expansion of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) coverage for the New Brunswick Insulin Pump Program (NBIPP).

The NBIPP supports New Brunswickers living with type 1 diabetes (T1D)  and type 2 diabetes (T2D) who are on intensive insulin pump therapy. The program assists individuals in obtaining affordable access to insulin pump devices and operating supplies to help manage their condition. Additionally, NBIPP assists with accessing CGM supplies for eligible individuals—this announcement expands coverage even further. 

This change results from a $2.1 million investment to upgrade the province’s diabetes management capabilities. Earlier in 2023, the government expanded the insulin pump program to include people 26 years and older as well as updated the patients and family contribution calculations to include more income brackets. 

With the expansion, eligibility for CGMs for people in the NBIPP program covers: 

  • People who have T1D or T2D and
  • Require intensive insulin therapy (which is being on an insulin pump or 3+ injections of insulin per day)
  • People of all ages who meet the medical and income eligibility criteria 

What is a CGM?

CGMs are small, externally worn devices that check blood sugar levels in real-time, reducing how often you have to test blood sugar levels manually. 

CGMs help improve blood sugar levels and A1C without increasing hypoglycemic events

Additionally, CGMs show trend lines, which can help you predict future blood sugar level changes, plan meals and exercise accordingly. Once you notice patterns, you can adjust your medications to stay on top of your management even more. 

Many of these lifesaving devices also come equipped with low and high blood sugar alarms that alert users when their blood sugar levels are heading in a dangerous direction—well before a medical emergency.

Some CGM systems are now integrated with insulin pump technology, which can make insulin dosing adjustments based on CGM reading—easing and improving life with diabetes even more. 

Why access is important 

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this lifesaving and life-changing technology. This is why incremental improvements to access, like this NBIPP expansion, are so important. 

Eligibility for a CGM device varies and depends on many factors, including where you live, what type of diabetes you have and what type of health insurance you have. 

Most CGM devices are available only with a valid prescription. 

The NBIPP will cover the cost of benefits that aren’t covered by other applicable public and private third-party payers, including employment benefit programs.

Improving access to CGMs is crucial for health equity. When more people have access to these important tools, we can close the gap in health outcomes and improve the lives of people living with diabetes—no matter what their background is or where they live. 

What does this mean for people with diabetes? 

Glenn Thibeault, executive director of government affairs, advocacy and policy for Diabetes Canada, is pleased that the provincial government identified the financial challenges people with diabetes face and that they’re taking steps to address access.

He stated, “With the previously announced expansion of the insulin pump program and new funding for continuous glucose monitoring, more New Brunswickers will be able to monitor and manage their diabetes. That should improve the health and well-being of diabetes patients in New Brunswick and allow the government to save costs from unnecessary hospitalizations and other interventions.”

The change will grant access to at least 5,000 New Brunswickers, allowing them to better monitor and manage their blood sugar levels. This will help to prevent serious diabetes complications, reduce diabetes morbidity and promote healthier lives for everyone affected by diabetes. 

An online application process will be made available in the coming months, allowing for simpler renewal of coverage for those already enrolled in the NBIPP. 

Interested in trying a CGM to help with your insulin therapy? Talk to your doctor about adding a CGM to your diabetes management plan and applying for the NBIPP. More information on how to apply for the program is available here

Written By Christine Fallabel , Posted , Updated 11/22/23

Christine Fallabel has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2000. She's a health and science writer and has been featured in Diabetes Daily Grind, Insulin Nation, Diabetics Doing Things, and is a regular contributor to Diabetes Strong, T1D Exchange and Healthline. She earned her Master of Public Health from Temple University and received her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Delaware. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her husband in the mountains of Colorado, tinkering with her DIY Loop insulin pump, drinking strong coffee and reading in front of a cozy fire.